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Racing: What To Where

Shoes: Multiple Options

Shoes are a very individual preference and based largely off your fit shape.  You want to find a shoe brand that uses a foot mold that is similar to your own foot.  This will vary by person.  Additionally, you want shoes that drain water well, don't gain a lot of weight when wet and have good traction.  

The Pro Team uses a variety of shoes including VJ Shoes, Icebugs, Merrells, Altras and Salomon.  Give a couple of these brands a test and find out that fits you well.  

Socks: MudGear

You want a knee high sock to protect your calves from rope burn and protect you against low brush.  MudGear makes a synthetic moisture wicking sock that also provides some active compression to your lower legs to support blood circulation.   MudGear has been the go to sock for Obstacle Course Racing World Championship for the last couple of years for a good reason, they are the best in the business.

We recommend the Conquer The Gauntlet branded MudGear socks.  Use code CTGSTRONG for 10% off your order.   

Shorts/Pants: Multiple Options

You want a moisture wicking material that won't gain lots of water weight when wet for your pants or shorts (your choice).  Additionally, you want it tight fitting so it doesn't get caught on obstacles like crawling under barbed wire.  Brands like MudGear offer some great compression options as well other companies like Marena Sport or Human Octane.

Anti-Chaffing: Squirrel's Nut Butter

Nothing will make your race more uncomfortable than having chaffing.  The Pro Team highly recommends using an anti-chaffing product like Squirrel's Nut Butter.  They make lubricant for anywhere skin is touching skin or places where you might form blisters.  Available in both stick and tub form for your convenience.

Pickup Squirrel's Nut Butter here

Read about Squirrel's Partnership in an interview with the CTG Pro Team here

Gear Belt: SPIbelt

If you plan on staying on the Conquer The Gauntlet course for longer than an hour or are running the endurance event Continuum, we highly recommend carrying a SPIbelt (Small Personal Item belt).  It is an stretchy pouch attached to a elastic belt.  The best part is the pouch expands, so whether you are carrying just a single gel or three gels and your cell phone, it will still sit snugly against your body.  

Order your SPIbelt in your choice of colors and sizes here.

Top: Moisture Wicking Top or Nothing

This is where athletes usually choose to either represent their favorite country, race series or show off their hard work by racing shirtless.  Just like your shorts/pants, socks and shoes, you want something that is not going to absorb a lot of water weight, so a cotton shirt is out of the question.  Choose something made out of synthetic material that is tight fitting.  The choice is yours, but if you decide to rock a shirt or sports bra, Legendborne has some pretty awesome Conquer The Gauntlet jerseys. 

Order your Conquer The Gauntlet Legendborne Jerseys here

Conquer The Gauntlet Akuma Jerseys coming in 2020

Other Items

There's a lot of other items that some athlete choose to race with.  Highly recommended items include a GPS watches are a great idea to track your pace and mileage.  Many of our athletes like to race in headbands to keep the sweat out of their eyes or arm sleeves to protect them against scrapes (both available here at the Pro Shop).  Gloves are also optional, but you'll find that your bare hand almost always has a better grip than gloved hands, especially when wet.  

Items you probably don't need include sunglasses (which are prone to getting lost on course), duct tape around your shoes (your laces will stay tied without them),