MudGear-Hannibal Race Pro Team

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Racing: Travel

OCR can be an expensive sport.  All the travel, flights, hotels and race fees start to add up really quick.  The Pro Team uses a couple of companies to help reduce the cost of racing through race discounts, high quality gear or just keeping things clean.   

Post-Race Cleanup: MudGear Seat Cover and Shower Toga

Whether you are trying to keep your personal car clean or avoid extra charges from rental car companies, MudGear has you covered.  You can clean up quick post-race with their shower toga, change into one of their super soft lifestyle t-shirts and ensure you have a clean car with their seat shields. 

MudGear SeatShield

Luggage: HYLETE Travel Bags

If you are like us you want to be able to travel light but still have plenty of room.  HYLETE's 6 in 1 travel bag is the perfect option.  The main compartment can be separated from the backpack portion allowing you to use one as a computer bag and the other as a duffel bag.  Plus, the bags have a shoe compartment perfect for post-race muddy clothes. 

Head to HYLETE's website to order your bag and take $20 off your bag

Race Discounts: OCR Buddy

When signing up for races, there's only one place to go to find the most comprehensive list of races and (more importantly) discount codes, OCR Buddy.  Head over to their website for the latest news, nearest races and best discounts.  

Then make sure you download their app so you can have the most complete resource for finding your races.