MudGear-Hannibal Race Pro Team

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Training: #TechniqueTuesday

The Pro Team is always looking to give back to the athletes who make this sport possible.  One of the ways we do this is through weekly #TechniqueTuesday videos on the Pro Team Facebook page.  Be sure to like the Pro Facebook page, so you don't miss a single video.  Since Facebook often archives old videos and posts, we are putting them on this page for easy referencing. 

Watch these videos from Stoke Shed on progress and "Turning Pro" before
moving on to the technique videos below.

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Battle of the Lions Obstacles

Canyon (Reverse Valkyrie)


Complector (weaver/low rig mix)

La Scaff (La Gaffe Plus)

Force5 Rig

Unshakeable (Snake Pit)

Stairway 2.0

Stoke Shed (Bobby Ross) Produced Technique Videos for KC Timber Challenge

Wall Technique

Rope Ascent/Descent


Vertigo Bus

Conquer The Gauntlet Obstacles

Smooth Criminal

Elephant Graveyard *2018 NEW OBSTACLE*


Nothin' But Net

Belly of the Beast

Hammer Time

Conqueror's Carry

Crank It Up



Continental Divide

Great Wall of America

More Cowbell

Stairway to Heaven



Rubber Roadblock

Tarzan Swing

Walls of Fury

Z Beam

Training for CTG Obstacles at Home or at the Gym

Partner Training

Grip Strength

MetCon Training

Leg Training

Stairway to Heaven
Advanced Technique

Z Beam

Hammer Time

At Home Training

Slackin' Off

More Cowbell


Tarzan Swing

Non-CTG Specific Obstacles

Cargo Net

La Gauffe

Tyrolean Traverse

Team Showcasing Lache Technique

MudGear Rig at OCRWC/NORAM

Ring Toss

Weight Vest

Olympus/Tip of Spear Style Wall

Pro Tips For Training, Racing and Life

Perfect Hair

Rock Tape Application

Putting on MudGear Socks

Tying your Shoes for Race Day

Grip Training: Gripper and Harbinger Fat Bar Grips

Create Your Own Challenges To Have Fun and Train Tough

Holiday Training

Looking for more great #TechniqueTuesday videos?  Head over to our Facebook page to see the latest ones.