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Sponsors & Discounts

We are proud to partner with companies that are not only great products but have great people behind them.  We believe in the value of the products they are selling otherwise we would not be partnered with them.  When possible we also ask for a code to share with fans of MudGear & Battle of the Lions and its associates.  

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4 Unique Venues
4 Unique Race Types
4 Unforgettable Experiences

Stay warm pre/post race and while walking around town with ORORO heated apparel.
Read the review on Mud Run Guide for:
EndurElite: Fueling Fast, the official race supplements of the CTG Pro Team.
A full line of exercise supplements to make you go further and faster. 

For pre/post race apparel, everyday wear and for the best bags you can buy for OCR, head over to HYLETE.
Read Mud Run Guide's review of some of our favorite HYLETE products:
Egg Weights
Train your arms at the same time you train cardio with Egg Weights by making your run training more challenging.
Protein's perfect partner gives you 3x the muscle growth (based off clinical trials).  
Need to train for OCR but don't have access to a ninja gym?  Try Playout The Game, a deck of cards giving you OCR relevant exercises to help you perform. 

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Get energized with Elite Ops Energy Strips

Run without any chaffing thanks to Squirrel's Nut Butter.  Great for anywhere you have skin touching skin or the possibility of a blisters whether you are training, racing or running Conquer The Gauntlet's multi-lap Continuum. 

Read about Squirrel's Partnership in an interview with the CTG Pro Team here

Read the review of Squirrel's Nut Butter on Mud Run Guide

VJ Shoes bringing you the best traction in shoes designed for Obstacle Course Racing

Three different styles plus an additional two variants for ice running, check out their website for the latest updates.

Read the review of VJ Shoes on Mud Run Guide:




Order your InsideTracker blood test here: InsideTracker

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Compex provides recovery products like Electrical Muscle Stimulators (EMS) and massage guns that help you perform at your best.  EMS can also be used as a training tool providing a different way to add training stress to your body to improve endurance or explosive power.
Want to know about using OOFOS to recover from OCR and Ultra-OCR like Conquer The Gauntlet Continuum.

Read what the experts say at Mud Run Guide regarding:
Strength & Speed's Opinion on Using OOFOS for performance:

Volition Chiropractic is run by OCR athlete Alexis "Alex" Buford and is the team's chiropractor.  She is available for bookings via her website.

The official team physical therapist, Kelly Williams, PT, DPT, CSCS, SCS, TASC-F, is currently unavailable for private appointments/bookings.

More than a tape company, a movement company.

Read about RockTape and why you should get someone in your group certified in this Mud Run Guide article.
Read the review of RockTape Rock Sauce Fire & Ice

All the cool kids are running in Goodrs.  Tons of styles that won't break the bank. 

Train for OCR using Force5 Equipment like rig grips, peg blocks and the unique Gibbons

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Race Discounts

OCR Buddy

Looking to fill out your race calendar?  Use the OCR Buddy app, which is now FREE (search for it in your app store)!  It not only gives you all the dates and locations for almost every OCR in the world, it also has discount codes to help you save on every registration!  OCR Buddy is the single resource with the largest number of race dates and locations, making it key to finding the races that you love.


KC Timber Challenge

Use code Swamp50 for 50% off their race on February 6, 2020.

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