MudGear-Hannibal Race Pro Team

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Recovery: Fuel

Training alone doesn't make you a better athlete. It is the stress caused by training and the subsequent rest/recovery period that produces those changes to your body.  To ensure you maximize your fitness here are some fueling products we recommend.  

Protein's Perfect Partner Addition: Yolked

Not designed to be a standalone supplement, but rather one you take in addition to a high quality protein, whether that be in shake form (like EndurElite), whole foods or via a high protein snack (like Ambari). 

Clinical trials of Yolked showed 3x the muscle growth, which means faster recovery and the ability to race again sooner.

Read the review of Yolked on Mud Run Guide here.

Ready to Drink Post-Workout Juice Performer's Cherry Juice

Stop by the Pro Team tent at 
any Conquer The Gauntlet event
for a FREE sample.

Unlock the power of beet juice for pre-race and cherry juice for post-race.  The tart cherries that make up Juice Performer are high in anthocyanins which reduce inflammation, fighting post-performance muscle pain and get your ready to train hard or race again sooner. 

Order your Juice Performer today off of Amazon and sue code CTGPROJP for 15% off your order. 

NEW FOR 2019!!!! Juice Performer's Beet Juice mixed with Pineapple.  It is the best tasting product in the entire Beet lineup!  CTGPROJP for 15% off