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Racing: Where To Find Us

If you are looking to race with or against us, you can always find our athletes at the Conquer The Gauntlet race series.  In addition, if you are just looking to meet some of our athletes we a couple of us are volunteering at almost every Conquer Youth Event.  Additionally, you will be able to find us at some other great series and local Obstacle Course Racing venues nationwide.  

Don't miss this video highlighting Conquer Youth from Stoke Shed.

Also look for the Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team at these non-CTG affiliated races. 

Hannibal Race

Conquer The Gauntlet Pros have traveled overseas several times to Hannibal Race.  The race series is based out of Lebanon but has also held races in both Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. 

If you are looking for a unique travel destination, a great race and an epic adventure, check out Hannibal Race

Hannibal Race Lebanon

Hannibal Race Kuwait

Dirt Runner's series of Obstacle Course Races (from 1k to 24 hour), night events and strength competitions formerly based out of Marseilles, IL, is now a traveling OCR series.  Take a look at their website to catch up on the latest news.

Details available here, Dirt Runner.

Iron Runner is an OCR based out of Ecuador that puts on some of the best events in the region.  With options for a 5k or a 10k packed with obstacles their race is sure to make a great race-cation.  The race has low crawls, Tyrolean traverse, strength obstacles like tire flips/hoists, a rig and other great staples of OCR.  The post-race festival is awesome making it almost as much fun as the race itself.

Details available here: Iron Runner

The team's race schedule changes frequently, but you can be sure we are using Mud Run Guide to find the latest news on races, race dates and discount codes.  Check their website to make your own race schedule:

Races by Calendar Date

Races by State

Race Discounts


Check back for more updates on where you can find CTG Pro Athletes!