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Recovery: Products

Training alone doesn't make you a better athlete. It is the stress caused by training and the subsequent rest/recovery period that produces those changes to your body.  To ensure you maximize your fitness here are some fueling products we recommend.  

Recovery Sandal/Shoe: OOFOS

Performance is all about periods of increased stress followed by recovery.  One of our favorite ways to relax after a race is to take off those muddy shoes and slip on something a little more comfortable.  OOFOS makes recovery sandals that absorb 37% more impact than traditional running shoe foam.  They come in a variety of styles and colors including recovery shoes.

Order yours at OOFOS and don't forget to tell them the CTG Pro Team sent you.

Post-Training Comfort: ORORO Heated Apparel

Don't suffer from those cold post race chills.  ORORO heated apparel will warm you right up and keep you comfortable all day.  The heated vests and jackets are the perfect post-race treat to yourself, each with three different heat settings for maximum comfort. 

Check out our team's filmmaker Bobby Ross' opinion on them below

Recovery Compression: MudGear Socks

Although designed for racing and not necessarily recovery compression (which is usually tighter), they can be used for both.  If you are on the line between two sizes, use the larger one for your race kit and the smaller one for your post race recovery.  The tight pressure of these socks will help circulate the blood and clear waste products.  Best time to put this stuff on is immediately post-race or hard training session.  On a final note, the long Mudgear socks will give you the best recovery. 

Order your MudGear socks with the code CTGSTRONG for 10% off your order.

Injury Prevention and Muscle Recovery: Rock Tape and Rock Sauce

Rock Tape is kinesiology tape designed to handle the rough conditions of OCR by helping support and stabilize joint, muscles or problem areas.  Stop by the CTG Pro Team tent to get free taping by our FMT certified team members Nathan Palmer and Brenna Calvet.  

Rock Sauce comes in two varieties, Fire or Ice.  Both provide topical pain relief that is sure to soothe sore muscles. 

Both are available here Rock Tape and don't forget to tell them the CTG Pro Team sent you.

High End Recovery Product: Compex Ayre

Possibly the nicest product you can buy for recovery, the Compex Ayre system.  Using dynamic compression the pants inflate and massage your legs by zones.  This helps circulate your blood, clear waste products and is like a relaxing massage.  The system takes seconds to setup and you'll find yourself so comfortable you may take a quick power nap. 

Pick up your system today at Compex.

High End Recovery Product: Compex Electrical Muscle Stimulation device

An Electrical Muscle Stimulation EMS device is basically a series of electrodes that hook to the targeted muscle (aka muscle you want to improve). The device then sends electrical currents through your muscles making them forcibly contract. Model dependent, the device comes with several settings including endurance, recovery, resistance, strength, pre-warm up, explosive strength and potentiation.  It provides a portable recovery device you can actually use at your desk or while sitting on the couch. 

Want more information? 

Read this Mud Run Guide review

When you head to the Compex website to purchase yours.  Be sure to tell them the CTG Pro Team sent you.

Recovery Massage: Compex Fixx 1.0

While some of the other systems we mentioned are great for overall recovery, sometimes you need a tool to work on a single muscle or even a single part of a muscle.  Compex Fixx 1.0 is one of the lowest priced massage guns on the market and a great portable tool you can put in your race/travel bag.  With three speed settings and an adjustable head you'll be able to target whatever muscle needs focused attention. 

Tracking Recovery: InsideTracker

If you want to take all the guess work out of recovery, you are going to want to look at InsideTracker.  They provide blood tests for everyone that will show you up to 42 biomarkers allowing you to know exactly how close you are to recovered.  CTG Pro Evan Perperis used before and after his 48 hour Endure The Gauntlet event with great success before going on to win the team division as Team Atomik in World's Toughest Mudder 2018. 

Order your blood test here at InsideTracker

Use 25% off coupon code CTGPRO

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Podium Pictures

Don't waste the opportunity for an epic podium picture with your face squinting at the sun.  Pickup a pair of Goodrs.