MudGear-Hannibal Race Pro Team

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Pro Team Takeover

Twice a year the Pro Team schedules "Pro Team Takeovers", usually in the off-season (December and February/March).  The Pro Team invites anyone in the area or willing to make the drive to train with us, eat lunch together, have a ninja competition with prizes provided by our sponsors, go to dinner and have an after party at night.  It's a great way to get some training in and unwind from a busy race season.

If you live in the Midwest and want us to come to your gym for a weekend training seminar contact us at

Group picture from 2017's Pro Team Takeover.

Group workout Saturday and Sunday of the weekend.
Pro Team athletes during question and answer period of training seminar.
Short course/ninja competition during Pro Team Takeover.
Obstacle specific technique class taught by the Pros.
Partner with the Pros workout.