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Media: Podcasts

Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team athletes have appeared on almost every major Obstacle Course Racing podcast talking about a variety of topics from racing pregnant to inspiring young minds to multi-day OCRs and how Conquer The Gauntlet saved a child's life.  Check out some of these episodes where CTG Pros were featured prominently.  

Strength & Speed Podcast

Evan Perperis hosts the Strength & Speed podcast producing several episodes a month since early 2017.  Several of their guests have included Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team athletes.  Including:

Ep 94: CTG Master’s Power Couple & a Torn Bicep (with Lisa Nondorf and Doug Snyder)Ep 77: CTG Pro Team Nutritionist Luc Labonte & Q/AEp 75: Awkward Pro Team Secrets & 2019 Goals (with Nathan Palmer and Evan Perperis)Ep 70: OCRWC Recap with Master’s Power Couple Doug Snyder & Lisa NondorfEp Ep 61: Mud Run Guide’s Matt “The Mudder” Willis & NORAM Review

Ep 51: CTG Pro Lisa Nondorf & Professional High Diving

Ep 49: Conquer Youth Owner David Mainprize & The Next Generation of OCR

Ep 46: Inspiring Jay Flores & South Africa OCR

Ep 30: Amy “Magic” Majcic & the her OCRWC WTM ANW CTG Legend Status

Ep 27: Randi Lackey & CTG’s Life Saving Story

Ep 6: David Mainprize and the CTG Chronicles

Ep 2: Ashley Samples & Pregnant OCRs

American Ninja Warrior Podcast

CTG Pro Michelle Warnky was featured on the ANW podcast after her successful completion of the 2019 Ohio Qualifier course.  List directly from our website below.

Overcome and Run Podcast

Overcome and Run is an OCR focused podcast run by husband and wife, Jay and Heather Bode.  They have had several episodes featuring CTG Pro Athletes including Ashley Samples, Matt Campione and Evan Perperis:

Ashley Samples: Talking BattleFrog, CTG and International Racing with Ashley Samples

Brenna Calvert:  Representing The Little Guys with Brenna Calvert

Evan Perperis Episodes:

1st Appearance: Overcome and Run podcast Episode #2. Availailable  here.  

2nd Appearance: Day by day coverage of OCR America with daily 10-15 event recap interviews:

Day 1: Tough Mudder New England

Day 2: Shale Hill

Day 3: Viking Obstacle Race

Day 4: Newbsanity Mud Gauntlet

Day 5: Newbsanity Extreme Ravine

Day 6: Dirt Runner

Day 7: Conquer The Gauntlet Oklahoma City

Dirt In Your Skirt Podcast

Brenna Calvert featured on the all female Dirt In Your Skirt podcast with host, first Pro OCR athlete and OCR Media Legend Margaret Schlacther.

Episode 54:  Brenna Calvert- Obstacle Racing, Course Builds and Festivals

Link Endurance Podcast

The Obstacle Order Podcast

An Obstacle Course Racing focused podcast run by Philip Levi and Elijah Markstrom covering races and events mostly in the western half of the US.

Obstacle Running Adventures Podcast

Obstacle Racing Media Podcast

World's Toughest Podcast

Podcast focused on World's Toughest Mudder and the Tough Mudder series of events run by WTM Community member Will Hicks.  

061: WTM 2017: The Morning After with Zoe Szczepanek, Maria Herrera, Gaspar Vazquez, and Evan Perperis

Ninja Knowledge Podcast

Ninja Knowledge Podcast is a show run by the Ice Ninja Ratasha Iribarren talking about training and life as a Ninja athlete.  

Episode 7: Mater of the Rig with Jay Flores Part I

Episode 8: Master of the Rig with Jay Flores Part II

SOFLETE Die Living Podcast

Military veteran podcast from the company SOFLETE, which provides apparel, training plans and supplements.