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Media: Podcasts

Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team athletes have appeared on almost every major Obstacle Course Racing podcast talking about a variety of topics from racing pregnant to inspiring young minds to multi-day OCRs and how Conquer The Gauntlet saved a child's life.  Check out some of these episodes where CTG Pros were featured prominently.  

Obstacle Running Adventures Podcast

Obstacle Course Racing focused podcast based out of Massachusetts that also covers local events and is hosted by Mike Stefano and Katelyn Ritter.  Pro Team athletes have appeared in numerous episodes including:

Amy Pajcic

Brint Hastert

254. World’s Toughest Mudder! (Part 1: Interviews with Volunteers, Pit Crew, Athletes, and Pit...

Thomas Plush

265. KC Timber Challenge's Yeti 5k with Thomas Plush!

Miranda Huber

249. OCR World Championships Team Races and 100 Meter Finals with Elites

Jenny Overstreet

162. OCR America 2 Uncut Audio Day 8, KC Timber Challenge with Jen Scott

Evan Perperis

255. World’s Toughest Mudder! (Part 2: Brunch Interviews and Audio)

249. OCR World Championships Team Races and 100 Meter Finals with Elite

97. World's Toughest Mudder! (Part 1: Community Dinner and Event) (includes interview with Evan Perperis)

Strength & Speed Podcast

Pro Evan Perperis hosts the Strength & Speed podcast producing several episodes a month since early 2017.   Pro Team athletes are regular guests on the program.  Here are a couple which prominently feature our athletes:

Barefoot OCR & Paintball with MudGear-BOTL Pro Thomas Plush

Grip Strength with Master of the Rig Jay Flores
Ep 165: Bronze Medalist at HYROX Nationals Brint Hastert & OCR

Ep 164: Indian Mud Run with Men’s Champion Spartan Pro Logan Broadbent & CTG Pro Jenny Overstreet

Ep 159: Battle of the Lions, Horshoe Bend OCR & Indian Mud Run (Doug Snyder and Amy Pajcic)

Ep 155: OCRmill 21,000 Feet: Running Ultra-OCR on Above Everest Base Camp (Jay Flores & Miranda Huber)

Ep 94: CTG Master’s Power Couple & a Torn Bicep (with Doug Snyder)Ep 77: CTG Pro Team Nutritionist Luc Labonte & Q/AEp 75: Awkward Pro Team Secrets & 2019 Goals
Ep 49: Conquer Youth Owner David Mainprize & The Next Generation of OCR

Ep 46: Inspiring Jay Flores & South Africa OCR

Ep 30: Amy “Magic” Majcic & the her OCRWC WTM ANW CTG Legend Status

Ep 27: Randi Lackey & CTG’s Life Saving Story

Ep 6: David Mainprize and the CTG Chronicles

Ep 2: Ashley Samples & Pregnant OCRs

Changing The Game

CTG Pro Jay Flores started an interview show that is published through YouTube.  The interviews are STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) focused breaking down the science behind everyday things including fitness.

American Ninja Warrior athlete and finalist Michelle Warnky to uncover the STEM behind obstacle course racing

American Ninja Warrior Podcast

CTG Pro Michelle Warnky was featured on the ANW podcast after her successful completion of the 2019 Ohio Qualifier course.  List directly from our website below.

Tough Mudder's No Excuses Podcast with Sean Corvelle

Pro Evan Perperis was interviewed on the No Excuses Podcast with Sean Corvelle talking overcoming challenges, OCR and the 10 hour endurance team building event Infinite Hero Honor Challenge.

I am a Spartan Podcast

Pro Rachel Watters has been on the "I AM A SPARTAN!" podcast twice in 2021, once for her performance at Savage Race and again for her top five finish at the 2021 Spartan Ultra-World Championships.

What It's Like... with Luce

A podcast highlighting ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Hosted by Lucy Norris, listen along as she picks the brains of our generation's trendsetters and tastemakers to discover the true meaning of success. These are the stories of those who felt the fear and did it anyway!   This episode has Pro Evan "Ultra-OCR Man" Perperis on it talking about his experiences in the military, OCR and finding success.

Coffee and Conversation Podcast

'Yes you can do it', is Jenny Overstreet's overall attitude! With a plethora of medals to showcase her determination and her story behind her struggles and accomplishments will inspire you! A woman who is a ninja warrior, a passionate racer, and a super sweet human we are really excited for you to hear her journey in life and how she has maintained motivation against obstacles in life and in her races. Listen to find out what it takes to boost your daily motivation that can be applied to any aspect of your life!

Obstacle Racing Media Podcast

OFX Podcast

Pro Rachel Watters was on the OFX podcast in 2021.

"We have always been fans of Rachel Watters, and she has had a massive break out year hitting personal goals and podiums all over the place. That hasn't been the only victory for her though. She has fought to grow a healthy relationship with food. She talks openly about her struggles and how she still fights to stay on track."

Overcome and Run Podcast

Overcome and Run is an OCR focused podcast run by husband and wife, Jay and Heather Bode.  They have had several episodes featuring CTG Pro Athletes including Ashley Samples, Matt Campione and Evan Perperis:

Ashley Samples: Talking BattleFrog, CTG and International Racing with Ashley Samples

Brenna Calvert:  Representing The Little Guys with Brenna Calvert

Evan Perperis Episodes:

1st Appearance: Overcome and Run podcast Episode #2. Availailable  here.  

2nd Appearance: Day by day coverage of OCR America with daily 10-15 event recap interviews:

Day 1: Tough Mudder New England

Day 2: Shale Hill

Day 3: Viking Obstacle Race

Day 4: Newbsanity Mud Gauntlet

Day 5: Newbsanity Extreme Ravine

Day 6: Dirt Runner

Day 7: Conquer The Gauntlet Oklahoma City

Link Endurance Podcast

The Obstacle Order Podcast

An Obstacle Course Racing focused podcast run by Philip Levi and Elijah Markstrom covering races and events mostly in the western half of the US.

World's Toughest Podcast

Podcast focused on World's Toughest Mudder and the Tough Mudder series of events run by WTM Community member Will Hicks.  

061: WTM 2017: The Morning After with Zoe Szczepanek, Maria Herrera, Gaspar Vazquez, and Evan Perperis

Ninja Knowledge Podcast

Ninja Knowledge Podcast is a show run by the Ice Ninja Ratasha Iribarren talking about training and life as a Ninja athlete.  

Episode 7: Mater of the Rig with Jay Flores Part I

Episode 8: Master of the Rig with Jay Flores Part II

SOFLETE Die Living Podcast

Military veteran podcast from the company SOFLETE, which provides apparel, training plans and supplements.