CTG Pro Team

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2019 Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Female Athletes


Brenna "Red Beast" Calvert

From: Born and raised Texan, residing in Tulsa, OK

Trains at: Conquer Fitness in Tulsa, OK

      (when visiting family) NinjaKour in Lilburn, GA

Specialty: Strength Based Obstacles

First Year in OCR: 2013

Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: Three different televised appearances on two different OCR related shows (Appearing on CMT's Steve Austin Broken Skull Challenge (season 3 and season 5 all-stars) along with participating in the ESPN BattleFrog League Championships)

Other OCR highlights:

-39 podiums in five seasons (22 of those being 1st place)

-6 CTG wins (4 other CTG podium finishes in 2nd/3rd place)

-First US female to finish the UK’s Rat Race Dirty Double in 2nd place

-Raced in 18 states and 3 countries.

Why is CTG your favorite race?

Conquer the Gauntlet is my favorite race series because it really makes you be good at obstacles. It is one of the few OCR series that you don't have to be the fastest to win, this makes it a true OBSTACLE race in my opinion. The comradery and sportsmanship is like no other when at a CTG event. I found my love for Conquer the Gauntlet when I was questioning if I wanted to continue racing. Meeting the CTG family and team rejuvenated my love and passion for the sport.


Randi Lackey

From: Fairview, OK 

Trains at: Life Fitness Center in Fairview, OK

Specialty: Long distance running/CTG obstacles

First Year in OCR: 2012

Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: All time most Conquer the Gauntlet wins (10) plus two team event wins

Other OCR Highlights:

-First woman to finish CTG with a belt

-First woman to complete Stairway to Heaven

-11 CTG podium finishes.

-Pregnant during her first CTG win.

Why is CTG your favorite race?

Conquer the Gauntlet quickly became my favorite race series when I realized the amount of support given by other athletes. While the races can get very competitive, everyone wants each other to succeed and reach their goals. I wouldn’t be able to maintain my level of motivation if it wasn’t for the other athletes. Races sort of become a reunion and celebration of our training efforts and a place where we can all share similar stories of our racing/training adventures.


Lisa Nondorf

From: Madison, WI

Trains at: Hybrid Athletic Club in Madison, WI

Specialty: Dominant Master’s Athlete

First Year in OCR: 2015

Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: 1st place finish at the 2017 United States OCR Championship race in both the 3k (40-49 year age group) and the 15k (40-44 year age group)

Other OCR Highlights:

-Undefeated Masters Female for CTG race series (six wins)

-Never lost a band/belt in any race (30 races over 2 years)

-2nd 2018 North American OCR Championship- Pro Female Team

-11 overall podium finishes including a 2nd place at CTG Atlanta

-25 Masters wins (with another 15 2nd/3rd finishes)

-Member of Team Chicago on the ESPN BattleFrog League Championship Race

-Invited and competed in CBS Televise TMX

-Nominated for Mud Run Guide’s Best Female Master’s Athlete in 2016, 2017 and 2018

-2018 NNL Qualifier

Why is CTG your favorite race?

CTG is my favorite race series for all that it stands for! You cannot find another series that has such an amazing family feel! I love crossing the finish line and getting a medal from the race owner, hearing the encouragement from so many people on the course because that is what this race encourages (supporting each other!). The other reason that CTG is so awesome is the obstacle difficulty! I love being challenged and I feel that CTG is the best race to do that for me! This race combines upper body challenges as well as carries and balance! No other race series is doing that!


Amy "Magic" Pajcic

From: Brecksville, OH residing in Columbia Station, OH

Trains at: On The Rocks Climbing Gym in Cleveland, OH

       (when preparing for ANW) Movement Lab Ohio in Columbus, OH

Specialty: Obstacles/Technique

Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: Only female to overall podium at both the OCR World Championships and the 24 hour long world championship in Raceway Park, NJ

Other OCR Highlights:

-2nd 2018 North American OCR Championship- Pro Coed Team- CTG Prime

-Podium finish at her first four CTG races

-First athlete to win CTG Continuum and get on the overall Elite podium in one race

-The last BattleFrog overall female winner (the series went out of business afterwards)

-27 career podium finishes (8 overall wins)

Why is CTG your favorite race?

CTG has the best obstacles and obstacle density in its races that truly tests its competitors in obstacle technique and strength in addition to speed. This is unlike the vast majority of other obstacle course races that are closer to a cross country race or a heavy carry race. Not only that, but the people behind it are the best; the nicest people with good, honest intentions in hosting their races.


Ashley Samples

From: St. Clair, MI, residing in Apopka, FL

Trains at: Fitness Center Formula 55 in Tampa, FL

Specialty: Middle Distance OCR/All Around

Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: 1st Place in the 3k/15k at the 2017 OCR World Championship in the 30-34 age group

Other OCR Highlights:

-3x nominated as Mud Run Guide’s Best Female OCR athlete 2015, 2016, 2017

-1st Place in the 15k at the 2015 OCR World Championship in the 30-34 age group

-3rd place Pro Women Team at 2017 OCR World Championships

-2nd 2018 North American OCR Championship- Pro Female Team- Mom Squad

-17 podium finishes in 2017 (8 overall wins)

-5 CTG overall wins (2016- all while pregnant)

-Has won races on 3 continents – Europe, Asia, and North America

Why is CTG your favorite race?

CTG is my favorite race series because it is the one that keeps me on my toes. It is a race that keeps me striving to better my skill set so that I can keep my belt. Running fast can only give me a time advantage until an obstacle gets in the way. As fun as it is to win, its way more fun to win when you really have to earn it. CTG gives me that feeling every time I step on the course.


Michelle Warnky


Trains at (and owns): Movement Lab Ohio in Columbus, OH

Specialty: Obstacles/Technique

Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: 5x American Ninja Warrior Finalist

Other OCR Highlights:

-3rd at 2019 North American OCR Championships (3k Pro)

-Won her first Conquer The Gauntlet race

-4th at 2014 OCR World Championship (15k Pro)

-4th at 2016 OCR World Championships (3k Pro)

-9th at 2013 World's Toughest Mudder

-Wins at major race brands including BattleFrog and Savage