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Training: Equipment

If you want to be the best you need to train like the best with the best tools.  Here is a list of some of the equipment we train with and highly recommend purchasing (we even threw in a couple of discount codes).  If you order from one of these companies, let them know the MudGear-Battle of the Lions Pro Team sent you. 

Exercise & Race Apparel

MudGear has the clothing you need to get ready to train and race.  Socks, shorts, compression shorts, race jerseys, lifestyle t-shirts and more!

Head over to and let them know the Pro Team sent you!

Force5 Training Gear

Train on the obstacle course racing rig holds and grips used at the OCR World Championships.  Head over to Force5 to pickup your order of rig grips, Gibbons, peg blocks and more great training tools.

Force5 Equipment

Egg Weights: Train Cardio & Strength Simultaneously

Egg Weights are small handheld weights that stress arms and cardio by adding weight to your hands.  This increase in weight at the distal end (the end of your arms) is more costly (makes your work harder) than weight carried on the hips or back. 

They are a great training tool for OCR or a cross training tool that work for a variety of sports from martial arts to general weight loss. 

Most of the team has the Cardio Mini and the Mercury Running pods for both easy and harder days. 
Save 10% with this link.

Body Weight Training: Playout The Game

Limited budget or no equipment?  No problem, Playout has you covered.  Playout is a card "game" that comes in a couple different versions that provide a detailed list of body weight exercises in three different difficulties with multiple options for playing making fitness fun.

We recommend the OCR or Ninja decks but you'll find they are all great.

Order yours here and follow along when we use them for our #WorkoutWednesday posts published on our Facebook page.

Training Book: Strength & Speed's Guide to Elite Obstacle Course Racing

If you are looking for comprehensive training at a value that is impossible to beat for all distances of OCR including the four mile 25 obstacle Conquer The Gauntlet., then this book has that for you.  It comes with; nutrition advice for daily life and race day; 12 training plans (beginner, intermediate and advanced) for four different distances (from 5k to 24 hour); obstacle specific techniques; how to stay motivated; and interviews with some of the best OCR athletes in the world.  Pick up a copy of "Conquering The Gauntlet" here in our online store.

If instead you want just a list of workouts that you can plug into your existing schedule, you are going to want a copy of "CTG Pro OCR Workouts To Go", also now available in our online store. 

If you are looking to prepare for Conquer The Gauntlet Continuum, then you are going to want the only book completely focused on endurance OCR: Mud Run Guide's Ultra-OCR Bible.

Mud Run Guide's Ultra-OCR Bible is now available in digital too.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation: Compex 

This is perfect for use when traveling, for injuries or if you are just looking to take your training to the next level.  EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) are electrodes you place on a targeted muscle that forcibly contract your muscles.  It means you get get a workout in without leaving your room.  

For full review on their products read this Mud Run Guide article.

Available for purchase from Compex and be sure to let them know the CTG Pro Team sent you.

Training Bags and Additional Apparel: HYLETE Shorts, pants and tops

Whether you are going out for a training run, heading to the gym or going to a race, HYLETE has you covered with a wide range of apparel.  For men they have shorts (both with and without liners) as well as a wide variety of shirts.  For ladies, they tanks, shorts and compression leggings are fan favorites of the team.

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Sunglasses: Goodr

Why train with sunglasses?  Well besides keeping the sun out of your eyes it helps keep your face relaxed instead of squinting, which can help save energy by relaxing muscles not needed for running. 

You'll love Goodr's lineup featured a ton of colors and styles with fun names like: A Ginger's Soul, Sunbathing with Wizards and Big Leprechaun's.  No slip, no bounce and polarized coming in at only about $25 makes these a great option.  Just be careful, it's hard to buy just one.

Battle of the Lions Merchandise

Stay motivated and focused on your goal by picking up some BOTL merchandise.  Seeing that lion staring back at you in the mirror will serve as a great reminder on why you need to work hard in the gym or on the trail.  BOTL merch is now available from the official online store of Battle of the Lions.