CTG Pro Team

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Media: Digital Advertisements

Conquer The Gauntlet Pro athletes have been featured in lots of Obstacle Course Racing videos, emails advertising for races, pre-race contender photos from other companies and more.  Here is a sampling of some of those digital advertisements.


Arguably the best and definitely the most filmmaker that covers Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), Bobby & Victoria Ross' Stoke Shed brings a unique highlight and interesting stories to the sport.  Check out their videos below and be sure to follow them on Facebook.

Video featuring CTG Pro Evan Perperis on his way to winning CTG Continuum OKC 2019.

Video featuring CTG Pro Amy Pajcic on his way to winning CTG Continuum OKC 2019.

Will Raymond's Interview with Brenna Calvert

The Mud Movement

OCR&R: Featuring Evan Perperis and Randi Lackey.
United States Obstacle Course Racing Championship: Featuring Matt Willis, Evan Perperis and Ashley Samples.
Mud'n in America (at USOCRC): Featuring Matt Willis and Nathan Palmer.
CTG Dallas 2018: Featuring Brenna Calvert.
CTG Tulsa 2017: Featuring Jay Flores, Randi Lackey, Bryce Robinson and Brenna Calvert.
CTG Houston 2017: Featuring Jay Flores and Matt Willis.
CTG OKC 2017: Featuring Nikki CallLucas Pfannenstiel, Christina Armstrong, Bryce Robinson, Brenna Clavert and Lauren Woodcock.
CTG Dallas 2017: Featuring Bryce Robinson, Matt Campione, Randi Lacky, Jay Flores and Lauren Woodcock.
Brenna Calvert & Stairway to Heaven.
View all of OCRTube's creator Arnel Banawa's videos here and support his projects here.
Tough Women of OCR 2018: Featuring Brenna Calvert and Ashley Samples
OCR World Championships 2017 3k: Featuring Ashley Samples.
OCR World Championships 2017 15k: Featuring Ashley Samples and Matt Willis.
OCR World Championships 2017 Team: Featuring Ashley Samples.
US OCR Championships 2017 15km: Featuring Matt Willis and Ashley Samples
US OCR Championships 2017 3km: Featuring Ashley Samples
America's Toughest Mudder Northest (Philadelphia) 2017: Featuring Evan Perperis.
CTG Little Rock 2016: Featuring Nathan Palmer, Matt Campione, Evan Perperis and Brenna Calvert.
2018 North American OCR Championships 3k: Featuring Amy Pajcic and Ashley Samples
North American OCR Championship Highlight video:  Featuring Matt Willis, Jay Flores and Evan Perperis.
2018 North American OCR Championship Team Pro Divisions: Featuring Ashley Samples, Lisa Nondorf, Amy Pajcic, Matt Willis and Evan Perperis

OCR Talk's Jason Dupree followed Evan Perperis for lap 9 (miles 37-41.5) of Endure The Gauntlet a 48 hour multi-lap of Conquer The Gauntlet Tulsa in 2018.


Obstacle Racing Media

World's Toughest Mudder 2017: Featuring Evan Perperis.
CTG Atlanta 2017: Featuring Evan Perperis, Lisa Nondorf and Jay Flores.
OCR World Championships 2015 15k: Featuring Amy Pajcic and Matt Willis.

OCR World Championships

OCRWC Location & Date Announcement 2017: Featuring Ashley Samples and Evan Perperis.

Other Races Videos

Toughest Mudder Race Announcement 2017: Featuring Evan Perperis.

Emails, Flyers and Significant Posts

Team members frequently have their photos used not only for advertisements for Conquer The Gauntlet races, but other races too including televised races like Toughest Mudder, Warrior Dash and televised international races like The Hannibal Race in Lebanon.  Here is a sampling of some of the emails, flyers and posts that have had CTG Pro Team athlete's image.