MudGear-Battle Of The Lions Pro Team

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Career Championships Results

Over the career of the athletes on the CTG Pro Team, they have been on a variety of national, international and world championship level podiums.  Here is a consolidated list of what the athletes on the 2020 roster have achieved on the global stage.

3x World Championship Level Wins

(Jay Flores & Michelle at 2017 Platinum Rig Master of the Rig, Evan Perperis Team at 2018 World’s Toughest Mudder (WTM) Team)

2x World Championship Level Podiums

(Amy Pajcic individual at 2013 WTM, Evan Team at 2017 WTM Team)

2x World Championship Level Podiums

(Matt Willis and Amy at 2019 OCRWC Pro Coed Team, Ashley Jeanne Samples Pro Female Team at 2017 OCR World Championships)

4x World Championship AG Win

(Amy at 2019 OCRWC, Ashley at OCRWC 3K 2017 and 15K 2015 & 2017)

2xWorld Championship AG Podium

(Amy in 2019 and Lisa in 2017 at OCRWC)

1x North American Championship Win

(Ashley Pro Female Team at 2018 North American OCR Championships (NORAM))

5x North American Championship Podiums

(Michelle Warnky 2019 NORAM Pro 3k, Matt, Amy, Evan at 2018 Pro Coed NORAM, Lisa Nondorf at 2018 Pro Ladies Team NORAM)

5x North American AG Win

(Ashton in 2018 NORAM 3K and 15K, Jenny Overstreet in 2019 15K NORAM, Amy in 2019 at NORAM 3K and 15K)

1x North American AG Podium

(Miranda at 2019 3k NORAM)

1x National Level Win

(Michelle 2020's American Ninja Warrior All-Star's Team Matt)

4x National Level Age Group Wins

(Jay, Scott Wierzycki and Lisa (3K and 15K) at 2017's United States OCR Championships)

1x National Level Age Group Podium

(Jay in 2017 at USOCRC)

7x Finalist on National Finals

(American Ninja Warrior: Michelle in 2013-2016 & 2018-2019, Amy in 2014)