CTG Pro Team

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2018 Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Male Athletes


Jay "Captain Puerto Rico" Flores

From: Miami, FL

Specialty: Technical Grip Strength Obstacles

Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: 2017 OCR World Championships “Master of the Rig” World Champion

Other OCR Highlights:

-US OCR Championships gold medalist 15k Men’s 25-29 age group

-US OCR Championship silver medalist 3k 20-29 age group

-Nominated for Mud Run Guide’s 2017 Most Inspirational Person in OCR

-5 CTG Podiums in 2017

-15 overall OCR podiums and 1 ninja warrior podium in 2017

-Never lost a CTG Belt

Why is CTG your favorite race?

Conquer the Gauntlet provides the most well balanced challenge in OCR (running, terrain, grip, balance, strength). If you want to grow as an athlete and test your boundaries, CTG is the best place to do so. CTG also has the best family feel. Every time I cross the finish line David Mainprize is there for a big hug and I can’t wait to spend a few hours with the rest of the #CTGFamily


Nathan "NaPalm" Palmer

From: Stockton, KS

Specialty: Obstacle Specialist

Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: Team Captain on NBC Televised Ultimate Team Challenge

Other OCR Highlights:

-Record for most consecutive podiums at a CTG (10 in a row)

-Nominated as Mud Run Guide’s Best Male Athlete in 2015

-Bringing slackline into the world of OCR

Why is CTG your favorite race?

Conquer The Gauntlet is my favorite because it's a family based race that brings people from different backgrounds into one fun atmosphere. It has the best and most unique obstacles in the industry. CTG doesn't just put on an event they make it a reunion. Furthermore, off course the shirts are by far the best, I wear one every day and have plenty of designs to choose from.


Evan “Ultra-OCR Man” Perperis

From: Long Island, NY residing in Kansas City, MO

Specialty: Ultra-OCR (Obstacle Course Races between 8 hours and 24 hours long)

First Year in OCR: 2013

Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: World Championship Team (Team Atomik) at the 24 hour long 2018 World's Toughest Mudder

Other OCR Highlights:

-2nd 2018 North American OCR Championship- Pro Coed Team- CTG Prime

-2nd Team (2+) 24 hour 2017 World's Toughest Mudder- Team Merrell

-1st at 2018 Conquer The Gauntlet Iowa

-9 Conquer The Gauntlet Podium Finishes

-39 career OCR podium finishes

-2016 Record for most OCR miles in a week: OCR America

-2017 Ultra-OCR Grand Slam (1st or 2nd at every 24 hr OCR in the US)

-2018 Record for the longest OCR ever- 48 hours of Endure The Gauntlet

-First athlete to win three BattleFrog Xtreme (BFX) races (now a tied record for the most all time)

Why is CTG your favorite race?
It is hard to pick one thing that I love about Conquer The Gauntlet. Some might say, the price and experience you get is unmatched across the OCR world. Others that their obstacles are challenging and push you to become a better athlete and person. However, I would say the #CTGFamily. Finding a group of people that are passionate about the same interests is simply the best. Every race is like a family reunion and an unforgettable experience.


Bryce Robinson

From: Tulsa, OK

Specialty: Conquer The Gauntlet

First Year in OCR: 2012

Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: Seven first place finishes at CTG (current record for most CTG wins by a male)

Other OCR highlights:

-Podium in 13 out of 15 OCRs (seven first, four second, two third)

-Never finished an OCR below 6th place

-Trainer at Conquer Fitness in Tulsa, OK making the community healthier

-The OG of CTG running in the first Conquer The Gauntlet back in Tulsa of 2012

Why is CTG your favorite race?

Conquer the Gauntlet was the first OCR I ever ran. I immediately fell in love with the obstacles and the atmosphere. CTG became my motivation for working out. It gave me something to train for and look forward too. I love the mission of the Mainprize family, the race they have created and I am so happy to be a part of it.


Doug “TheDougg” Snyder

From: Gautier, MS

Specialty: Technical Obstacles and Sneak Attacks

First Year in OCR: 2012

Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: Never lost a band/belt in six years of OCR across 14 different OCR series


Other OCR Highlights:

-Undefeated 2018 CTG Masters male (5 Masters CTG wins)

-The only male Masters finisher in his first CTG

-10 overall OCR podium finishes

-24 Masters OCR podium finishes


Why is CTG your favorite race?

It’s my favorite because of what makes it unique!  (Ever notice they hand out their own brand of water?)  I have a mental checklist of what I like most about each different race I’ve run.  When I discovered CTG in 2017, I was amazed at how many of my ‘likes’ it has.  First off, it’s a family operation with a strong sense of faith, which creates a family atmosphere for the participants.  The consistency of the staff/owner’s presence race after race is awesome.  Speaking of presence, having the pro team hanging out at every race and greeting everyone makes the festival area even more fun.  As for the course, I love the obstacle difficulty, which is the best in the OCR industry.  Also, I like the use of terrain in course layouts, efficiency in obstacle construction, and the “simple complexity” of them (who else would think of putting an eyebolt in a bowling pin and hang it up??)


Matt “The Mudder” Willis

From: San Antonio, TX

Specialty: Complicated/Technical Obstacles

Biggest Accomplishment in OCR: One of 20 people to complete back to back 13+ and 26+ mile championship OCRs in one weekend in Vermont and Tahoe

Other OCR Highlights:

-2nd 2018 North American OCR Championship- Pro Coed Team- CTG Prime

-2nd place at 12 hour overnight endurance event

-NBC Team Challenge TV Show- elite competitor and team leader

-Multiple podium finishes at five different OCR series

Why is CTG your favorite race?

I love CTG because it’s the last bastion of “I will eat your soul” race difficulty. At this point, every other race has easy obstacles. Even other brands new obstacles are only variants on their current ones, and they are fairly simple. CTG gives no quarter. You will push yourself further than you thought you could in order to complete the most difficult, and most varied obstacles in the sport. Even with such challenging, CTG’s take on OCR is still a sport for the masses and the only one in my opinion. CTG is a family. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, coming out to one of our races feels like you’re coming home. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a weekend warrior, we welcome you with open arms. Seriously…we hug.


Jeff Yanda

From: Des Moines, IA

Specialty: Technical and strength obstacles

Biggest accomplishment in OCR: Making the CTG pro team in my rookie year (2017) after 11 podium finishes

Other OCR highlights:

-1st place CTG-XTC 2017

-1st place CTG Tulsa 2017 Team (first ever team challenge)

-Course record and 1st place at an OCR in Minneapolis

-Made the 2017 OCR men’s calendar "Mr. November 2017"

-Growing the sport through participation in four OCR communities including IAOCR, KCOCR, NEOCR and Wisconsin OCR

Why is CTG your favorite race?

Conquer the Gauntlet showcases the best obstacles that challenge you both mentally and physically. They are one of the few races that require obstacle completion and provide recognition for those athletes. CTG is the most elite race for the competitive runners, and the most fun for those running open wave. The most unique thing about CTG is the amazing atmosphere. Every runner who crosses the finish line becomes part of the CTG family.