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BOOK: Ultra-OCR Man


Ultra-OCR Man tells the story of an un-athletic kid, Evan Perperis, who grew up to serve in the US Army's Special Forces.  He uses the mental grit and fitness he learned in his cumulative 44 months of combat deployments to excel in the extreme sport of endurance Obstacle Course Racing. 

Now a member of the Conquer The Gauntlet Pro Team, he regularly sets out to set new records in the ultra endurance side of the sport.  The book talks about his journey as well as several major undertakings including:

-2016's week long OCR America (marathon length OCR everyday for a week)

-2017's Ultra-OCR Grand Slam (attempting to finish top ten at every 24 hour OCR in the world)

-2018's Endure The Gauntlet (48 hours on CTG Tulsa's course)

-2019's OCRmill 24 (24 hours of treadmill running with four obstacles every mile)

Will he continue to break records and reach his goals or do the events end in crushing defeat?  Pick up your copy today and find out.  All profits from the hard copy of this book go to the charity Folds of Honor.


For digital version of the book follow this link to Amazon:


For audio-book version of this book follow this link to Amazon:

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