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BOOK: Mud Run Guide's OCR Bucket List


If you are looking to find the races you NEED to do, then this is the book for you. With over 100 races and ideas for taking your OCR to the next level you will love this book. It provides 135+ pictures as well as abbreviated information about races so you can find the race that is perfect for you.

Chapters are broken into:

Swagtastic (races with great swag)

Persistence Pays Off (awards you can get for completing multiple races in a season)

History Buff (head back to OCRs original races)

Destination Races (looking for a fun race-cation?)

Reality Show (explanations of OCR TV shows)

Challenge Yourself (can you keep your band on these courses?)

All Nighters (24 hour OCRs)

OCR Plus (OCR plus Crossfit and other crazy ideas)

Permanent (the fixed courses in the USA)

Local Races (all the single race events that make OCR great)

International Traveler (options for those looking to head to new countries)

For the Party (the best party OCRs)

Laugh It Up (funny ideas for racing)

Assessment and Selection Events (unconventional fitness for those looking to push limits)

If You Can Win It All (the coolest overall prodium prizes)

Championship Races (the biggest and best races the unite our sport)

WIth contributions from more than a dozen athletes this book highlights the aspects of our sport that make it great. Whether you start at the begining of the book checking off races or use it more like an a'la carte menu, you'll love the latest book from, the largest OCR media outlet, Mud Run Guide.


Would you like a signed copy by Evan Perperis? If yes, whose name should I write on the inside?

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