MudGear-Hannibal Race Pro Team

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2018 Race Results

2018 CTG Pro Team Year in Review

Top Finishes

1 Overall World Championship win

1 Top ten OCR World Championship finish

1 North American OCR Championship win

5 North American OCR Championship podium finishes

1 Televised overall win

35 Overall wins
42 Podium (2nd/3rd) finishes
51 Top ten finishes (4th-10th)

13 Master's wins 
6 Master's podiums (2nd/3rd)

3 Master's top ten finishes (4th-10th)

1 Insane Ultra-OCR World Record

3 Ninja wins

5 Ninja podiums (2nd/3rd)

3 Ninja top ten finishes (4th-10th)

8 Other wins (road/trail/triathlon)

10 Other podiums (2nd/3rd in road/trail/triathlon)


2 Athletes qualified for Elite Contender Status at 24 OCR Championship in Atlanta, GA

1 Athlete qualified for Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association World Finals

1 Athlete qualified for the National Ninja League Finals
1 Boston qualifying marathon

6 Athletes nominated for 7 different categories in Mud Run Guide's "Muddies" Best of 2018

A special thanks to our 2018 Pro Team sponsors!